For the last 20 years, I have enjoyed creating sounds and music for a wide variety of film based narratives. From experimental short films to documentaries or animations, every project is always an opportunity to expand my musical palette. The following clips are examples of projects for which I created sound and music:


Sound design and audio mix to this short documentary by the filmmaker and light artist Liam Morgan.

‘The film travels through the present-day ubiquity of monumental advertisements in public spaces which come across as visual intrusion or oppression, a desperate (re-)inflation of an economic bubble squeezing from all sides.’ (Liam Morgan)


‘Scarecrow’ a short Film by Liam Morgan and Top Tarasin (2017)

Tidal Edits/Open Spaces(2006)

Choreographed and performed by Joanne Fong, this piece uses the body and the projected image in a performance created in collaboration with animator Filip Acada and sound designer Jean-David Caillouët. This is the animation and sound used in the live performance of “Tidal edits” which was premiered at the Chlore studios of the Royal Opera House, London in the summer of 2006.


Sound and Music to a short film by Cedric Arnold

Wild Thing (2002)

Music and Sound to a short animation by Mhairi Galloway

Guitars and keys: Jean-David Caillouët
Cello and Double Bass: Joel Sanderson
Flute: Marion Kenny



Who OWns Jack Kerouac

Who Owns Jack Kerouac ?