‘Hiding Behind The Invisible Silence’ (2015)

Multimedia performance at Museum Siam 29.11.15

Michael Edwards: Soundscapes, Computer music.
Karin Schistek: Keyboards
Anant Narkkong: Assorted Thai instruments
Jean-David Caillouët: Visuals

Jean-David Caillouet







DRIFT (2015)

Jean-David Caillouet

Cross disciplinary devised improvisation

Featuring the following endangered artists:

Anant Narkkong: Un-predicted Instruments

Yui Cello: Violoncelle

Manami: Body language

Rinyaphat Nithipattahnan: Dimensional Explorer

Kittiphan Janbuala: Visual Sonifications

Jean-David Caillouët: Clock Master , Visuals & Bruitages

TRODZA: Post-Guitar

June Kalambaheti: Bearded Rhythms

Live at BACC Bangkok 2.5.15












The Road-Live at The French Institute. Edinburgh.25/6/2001


Multimedia performance about the beat generation and the controversy around Jack Kerouac’s daughter. In collaboration with poet and film maker and poet Jack Shea and the cellist Joel Sanderson.

Jack Shea: Poetry, film and voice
Joel Sanderson: Cello
jean-David Caillouët: samples & Electronics



Film, poetry, theatre, dance and live visuals




Tea with Mahler-Live Performance. Glasgow.29/9/07


Reflecting on elements emerging from the Tang Dynasty Chinese poetry, the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy and the philosophy of tea culture, Tea with Mahler presents a re-interpretation of some of Mahler’s music. In collaboration with the  Chinese composer Kimho Ip,  the Thai pianist and composer Anothai Nitibhon as well as the vocalist, Tamsin Mendelsohn, this multimedia performance explores the boundaries between film, acoustic performance and electronic sounds.



H2O (2005)

Mozaic for projector, Musicians & 6 Speakers.

Flute: Marion Kenny
Yang Qin: Kimho Ip
Cello: Joel Sanderson
Visuals, Samples and electronics: Jean-David Caillouet

Recorded live at St. Cecillia’s Hall, Edinburgh. 28/5/2005