AS{{EAR}}N (2015)

A temporary museum of (as yet) non-extinct sonic species

In 2015, the National Discovery Museum institute initiated a unique sound installation project titled AS((EAR))N. Taking place over 6 months at Museum Siam in the heart of historical Bangkok, this exhibit encouraged visitors from various walks of life and nationalities to open their ears to the sounds of the ASEAN, using the transient medium of sound to paint an overview of the vast cultural heritage of the region as well as give insight in its sonic and musical evolution. Eight sound artists were invited to contribute sonic and video responses to a selection of themes and sound categories. Each was asked to illustrate those themes in ways that best represented the unique perspective of their own respective cultural and geographical location. Once placed next to each other within the same exhibition space, the materials gave listeners an unprecedented opportunity to compare the sounds of those neighboring cultures, appreciating their similarities as well as their differences.

TRANSIT (2013)

An imaginary departure lounge as part
of BACC's exhibition ' Resort'.

TRANSIT (2013)

Walk Don’t Run (2011)

Walk Don’t Run is an artificial Sound Walk, a sonic mosaic composed of disembodied sounds which
organise themselves through time and space.
This self generating composition is made up of hundreds of sounds recorded around Bangkok.
These sonic snapshots are reflections of our actions and the environments we have created.