I compose music in a variety of styles, often combining various idioms within the same piece. I like to reference the rich palette of aesthetics which emanates from our ongoing cultural histories.

‘Sleeping Wide Awake’

Performed by Ensemble Multilatérale. 18.3.16 Thailand Culture Centre, Bangkok.

… .-.. . . .–. .. -. –. / .– .. -.. . / .- .– .- -.- .
( Sleeping Wide Awake)
for flute, clarinet, cello, piano, percussions, samples and video.

Pulses of lights, fiber optics, endless digits agitate and dictate the waves that feed our endless appetite for information and communication. We touch and we tweet, we text and we chat, relentlessly uploading the moments of our lives through little sound bites and visual snaps nested in the ever growing clouds conveniently designed to preserve our precious memories. Meanwhile in the physical world, the solar clock ticks loudly as mother earth cries in disbelief, laughing at the arrogance of the so-called evolved specie so busy raping her. This multi-media piece is a reflection on the rather contradictory state of humanity where over abundance for some ultimately leads to severe scarcity for most. This kaleidoscopic and self consciously caricatural rondo smiles at our contradictions, socio-political conflicts and ecological denials. Our heads in the clouds, over-stimulated by streams of digits, we are indeed sleeping wide awake.

Composition, electronics and Visuals: Jean-David Caillouët

Performed by Ensemble multilatérale:
Flute: Matteo Cesari
Clarinet: Gaëlle Burgelin
Piano: Lise Baudouin
Percussions: Laurence Meisterlin
Cello: Pablo Tognan
Conductor: Léo Warynski

Sound recording by Prateep Nara Jattanakul
Cameras: Soothorn Tanjapoh & Thanapon Yongpho
Mixing, mastering and editing by Jean-David Caillouët
Stop motion animation used: Len Lye: ‘The birth of the robot’ (1936)
This performance was part of a workshop + concert event organised by Silpakorn university.










“Heroes & Villains” 2018

Once upon a time…. our orchestra performed this little cartoonesque piece Iwrote by extrapolating on a theme by Dukas.
This was conceived as an ending to our thematic evening ‘Stories & Fairytales’ which paid homage to some of the storytelling traditions expressed through music and illustrations.
This piece was made in collaboration with AnoThai Nitibhon and Kawirat Saimek and the conductor Léo Warynski and was a lot of fun to put together!

‘Not so long ago, many of us still believed in what would be taken today as pure fantasy …. In our efforts to explain the world around us through the pragmatic voice of science we have often lost touch with our belief in and our need of the imaginary and the intangible. In reality, we live in a world more saturated with stories than ever, from the adverts that propagate our consumerist dreams(and lies) to the constructed images that carry political ideologies and religious convictions. Whether we believe in Karma, the natural laws of economics or natural selection, Whether we stand on the left or the right, we will always find characters to glorify and characters to condemn. We will find heroes that support our stories and villains to point our finger at in order to justify the version of the truth we want to bring forward. Stuck between reality and illusions, we all have to choose our heroes but not so much our villains.’

The visual mapping borrows excerpts from ‘The Tragedy of Man’ (2011) by Marcell Jankovics; Baron Prásil (1962) by Karel Zeman as well as new collages and animations by Gabriel Camelin, Tossamas Som and Ploy Nichakon and also features C3PO, James Bond, King Kong, Fay Ray and Charlie Chaplin among others….